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There's a comforting thought at the close of the day
When I'm weary and lonely and sad That sort of grips hold of this poor old heart And bids it be merry and glad. It gets in my being, and drives out the blues And finally thrills through and through, It's just a sweet memory, that chants this refrain, "I'm glad I touched hearts with you." Did you know you were brave ? Did you know you were strong ? Did you know there was one leaning hard ? Did you know that I waited, and listened and prayed ? And was cheered by your simplest word. Did you know that I longed for the smile on your face ? For the sound of your voice ringing true, Did you know I grew stronger and better because "I had merely touched hearts with you ". I'm glad that I live, that I battle and strive, For a place that I know I must fill, I'm thankfull for sorrows, I'll meet with a grin What fortune may bring, good or ill, I may not have wealth, I may not be great But I know I will always be true, For I have in my life, that courage you gave, When once, I touched hearts with you !"

Once In Your Lifetime
Only once in your lifetime, You will find your one true love. He will just "pop in" on you When you least expect him But when you need him the most!! It will start as instant friendship And grow rapidly into nothing You have ever known or ever will again. You soon realize that you can't Live without him in your life. He is all you think about.... He is all you want..... He is all you need..... Even when you are apart, You can feel him with you! You long to see his smile that makes All your troubles go away. You long to have his arms around you So you can feel so loved, wanted and safe. You long for his kiss That shows you how much he loves you. You long to hear him say "I Love You, Hon" You count the days until you can be together. And be totally happy. Even if it is only for a little while And then you both have to go back To your own worlds and miss each other Because you both found your one true love Too late! But if you are lucky enough to find each other You will treasure every single second You have with him like it was your last Because it just might be! Fate brought him to you And fate can take him away just as fast! You Will Always Be My One True Love!!

This is Me and Chubby, I meet him in chat Six months Ago , things between us have become very personal. After a good two weeks of talking back and forth on the phone he proposed to me in chat and of course I said YES. We were Cyber Wed on Oct 17th and life for me has never been the same. I think we have a very special relationship not only as Cyber lovers but as best friends. I hope to meet him in real life one day real soon.

This is US!!

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